The Ride by Asya

From the moment we left the club tension was on 10, sexual tension that is. We had a few too many drinks at the bar, it was only meant to be a couple drinks, music, and a chill vibe. But from when he looked at me, I knew my kitty was purring. He said “Let’s get out of here” it took me no persuading at all. I already knew I wanted him from the moment I opened my eyes this morning.
We took a stroll over to the cab station, before I could even speak, he gave a post code and we were told 2 minutes or so. I leaned against him and whispered in his ear “You know I have no underwear on, right?” I licked his cheek as I leaned away. The look he gave me told me exactly was he was thinking, I thought to myself how will I contain myself in this cab ride. As soon as that thought crossed my mind it was abruptly interrupted by a loud horn telling us we were ready to roll. I slid in the back unbuttoned my coat so I could be comfortable. It was at least a fifteen-minute cab ride to our destination of heaven.
As he slid into the seat next to me our eyes met again, I thought I must have this man before I go crazy, and before I knew it he was pushing my knees apart and rubbing my thigh. I started to feel hot from the inside more towards my kitty if I’m honest.
“Baby behave”
He responded with “What for? This pussy belongs to me”
I knew he was not going to stop at just rubbing my thigh. He had begun to go further up knee until he reached my freshly waxed pussy. I thought “SHIT!!”
This man is trying to finger me in the cab. I caught a glimpse of the cab driver from the rear-view mirror.
I just couldn’t help but smile knowing exactly where his hand was.
“ I want to fuck you baby”
“I know you do I want this too, we’re not far from home”
“Who said anything about waiting till we reached home?”
I shot him one look, could he be for real? I mean being fingered on the sly is one thing, but he was looking to have me while we rode this cab.
Can I really give into the heat rising from inside me? Am I prepared to let go of all inhibitions and get wild?
“You have lost your mind”
“We aren’t about to be fucking in this cab”
“Lean back”
“You heard me, do it”
I will admit being the same star sign was dangerous as we are both sexual stubborn beings, we never want to let the other take charge, and along with being both freaks were an extra bonus. He kissed my neck knowing full well that was my weak spot, that was it my body leaned back, and legs spread even further.
Next thing I knew he was sliding into me, the heat from my pussy felt like it was rising. I had to bite my bottom lip as I could not contain the sounds I was making. As he bit on my neck again I looked into the mirror for a moment I almost forgot where I was. The driver was looking me dead in my eyes. It excited me.

I began to move my waist a little all the while looking into the mirror. Knowing he was watching us made me go crazy. I’ve never had someone watch me before well not like this anyway. I could feel my pussy juices become more and more and sliding down my inner thigh. By this point I had moaned out loud.

“Ahhh, oh my god, stop, wait, ahh this feels so good, don’t stop. Wait, wait not yet, ahh” We were fully fucking, heavy breathing, bodies sweating and feeling nothing but ultimate bliss. I did not want this moment to end, the way my juices were flowing I could feel myself creaming right on to the back seat and then it happened…. “Hello, we have arrived at your destination” ​
The driver interrupted us, the only thing I was thinking was finishing him off once we got inside. I looked at him and said, “It’s your turn” and licked my lips and we left the cab…
The Ride by Asya
I’m Asya, I like walks in the park and sun showers! Kidding. My name really is Asya though and I’m an erotic writer. I feel writing allows me to express my inner thoughts and explore my creative mind through fiction and non-fiction. Some of my stories are personal experiences that are not only mine but are from friends who have shared their experiences with me. I feel sometimes things of a sexual nature are looked upon as crude or inappropriate, but I will always say that self-expression is a healthy outlet for your body, mind, and soul. My short stories are from my soul to yours. Happy reading. -xXx-
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