The Love Erotica x RevealMe Partnership

Today we are extremely excited to share that The Love Erotica are finally partnering with the #1 Social platform of 2020 RevealME! This partnership is absolutely massive for us because we believe that the stigma around sex work is a stigma us as a society need to work hard in stamping out. There is nothing wrong with being a sex worker and we would like to help portray sex work in a positive light as it should be.
Who are RevealME:
A UK based social platform of 2020 which allows fans to interact and communicate with Models, Influencers, Celebrities, Youtubers and Fitness Trainers.
They offer subscriptions, photo content, private messaging and pre-booked videocall or phonecall.
What RevealMe can provide you with
Discreet billing – no other platform offers Discreet Billing, meaning their name will not appear on the members bank statements. (for both Models and Fans)
100% earnings – They do not charge commission to models; they take home 100% of their earnings. Whilst other platforms take 20%+
Paid messages – Models get paid for their time through messages, and they get paid PER message. This filters out the time wasters – other platforms have free messaging.
Subscriptions – The models can offer a variety of subscriptions including a monthly, weekly and even a 24h chargeable teaser – most platforms offer 1month minimum.
Video and phone chat – the models can offer a more personal touch to their fans by offer video or phone chat at a per min price – other platforms are content subscriptions only.
Customs – models can offer custom content and send securely through the site with protection for both the fan and model. – other platforms allow the content to be shared away from the site losing protection.
PPV – models can send PPV’s (pay per views) to fans can open an exclusive media sent just to them at a cost the model chooses. (Free options available too) – a very small number of platforms offer this
Referrals – models and fans can both earn 5% from models spending and fans earnings. – most platforms only offer referrals on other content creators’ earnings.
Content protection – we protect models content using many different skills, programmes and We use a world-class service provider who scan social media for copies of (including screenshots) of any media, so we can identify users to permanently ban and possibly further action depending on the severity. – no other platforms offer this. Unlike other platforms, we do not “upload content” there for it cannot be downloaded.
Model support – we offer a 24/7 model support service along with help and training, so no model is left alone and confused in this industry.
24/7 support for fans – we have a live chat, support system, email and more. We have a under 1-hour response time and 99% queries, complaints or errors are fixed within that time. – no other platform has this.
We have plenty of ways models can be found without having to constantly share their link – other platforms do not have any features for models to gain a fan base without sharing their links on social media.
We are the first of its kind in this industry, a platform for the models!
This helps a model focus more on her page than constantly being on social media filtering through time wasters.
Majority of our fans are also verified with ID, making it more secure for models to earn money.
Interested in joining RevealMe? click our link below to learn more
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