Natasha’s Toy Review

What can I say about a Big Black Dick that’s not already been said countless times before? The Love Erotica’s Real Black 7 inch dong is a must-buy for ladies who always like to be … full.
It looks real, it feels even realer and the realest thing about it? got a suction cup so you can put him on the wall and practise your skills for when your ex asks you to “come collect your stuff” and speaking of ex’s and why’s, this toy is also a perfect addition to the bedroom with your partner, especially if they’re low on stamina – like most men. but you know what never runs out of stamina? this big black dildo and you should deffo bring it up the next time you’re in an argument with your significant other.
Whether you use it alone, on the phone or with a group of people, guaranteed you’ve probably not been satisfied by something this thick since the last big black dildo you bought. The Love Erotica have done an amazing job of making something realistic, pleasureful and sustainable. So no matter how many times you go to satisfy yourself, I don’t doubt this 7 inch wonder will be able to take you to your happy place, every time.
Get Real 7 Inch Dong With Balls Black
                                          Review by Natasha
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