Good Vibrations x Manda Morley

“We aim to empower couples and individuals to take charge of their sex lives and help bring them to another level”
By Love Erotica

Before I begin, I want to focus upon the importance of the word empowerment and why sexuality can be such a taboo amongst some individuals. Aforementioned in my Female Sexuality post, the female orgasm is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. Personally, it is of equal importance for me to reach that Big O than it is to make some hefty gains in the gym. A healthy sexual experience leads to a healthy mind, right? I believe so. Whether in private or with a partner, sex toys are a must in the bedroom! I often tell my friends that I can’t remember the last time I used my own hands on myself. This is because some toys are just too darn good (i.e A Bullet); and, quite frankly, hands don’t have a vibration setting that shakes you off the bed, down the stairs and out the front door.
I’ve seen on social media a lot recently that couples are buying remote controlled vibrating eggs for the female to wear in public. This is something I highly rate as not only can it spice things up between you two sexually, you are also giving your partner full control of your climax. Something men love to watch. Now as someone who doesn’t have partner (apply here), I don’t get to take part in the enjoyment of wearing a vibrating egg to dinner, unless I wanted diners to think I have tourettes and a twitch. However! I am indeed horny and willing to experience new things regardless, in hope that one day I find a partner who is just as willing.
The Love Erotica isn’t just your usual online sex store, they care about their customers by empowering females and couples to enjoy their sex lives and feel no shame in doing so. To me, it’s important to support a new start-up business as you know they will always put the interest of the customer first and tend to offer the best quality products. So, on the subject of vibrating eggs, I’ll give a swift review of my first experience using one, and everything you might want to know before purchasing.
10 Function Remote Controlled Magic Egg £29.95
There are two reviews you can do for an egg, one as an individual and one as a couple. Although I am reviewing as an individual I do have some great tips on how to spice it up if you aren’t getting maximum pleasure
Overall, I would rate this product a 5/10. For me I need clitoral stimulation, and eggs don’t work like that. However, they do give you some awesome vibrations inside that you may not have ever felt before! They are perfect for teasing, or like aforementioned, wearing in public with your partner to turn you on. This would easily make the product a 10/10 for me, so I will certainly be keeping it close for when I am with someone.
My experience using it is quite comical, and probably a warning to those who may feel a bit uneasy pulling things out of them…Getting the egg in you definitely needs some form of lubricant, but once it is in there is no chance of it moving. For those who might be anxious that it will get lost inside, it won’t; there’s some form of scientific explaining as to why, but I will just say ‘suction’ hahah. With 10 different vibration settings you do get a lot of options to play with, and find the right one for you – I often go for the highest setting as I’m used to toys. The getting out process is probably my favourite though, purely because it makes me laugh everytime. You quite literally feel like a chicken laying an egg. It definitely helps that there is a string you can pull, but no matter what you do, you are giving birth to a sex toy.
A good tip for those who are also individuals trying out new toys, there is absolutely no harm in using more than one at a time! Like I said, I need clitoral stimulation, and I have the perfect addition in my goodie bag that does the trick – A bullet! Honestly, a bullet is a big yes with anything – having sex? Use a bullet too. Have a vibrating egg inside you that is only tickling your G-spot? Use a bullet too. I stand by that EVERY female should have a bullet no matter what, and it will certainly be my next purchase from The Love Erotica.
Love Manda x
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