Cooking Classes

So where do i begin? Laying here wondering how will I recover, praying I catch my breathe, wondering why I never gave in earlier. Wondering how will I be able to face you knowing my indiscretion only ended moments ago. Forgive me father for I have sinned. But wait let me tell you why.
It all started when you suggested I  learn to cook. Seeing as you want these authentic bajan home cooked meals I got to learn them from scratch. Ill be damed if I ask your mother how to make them, seeing as that women dont like me anyway. But back to the task at hand, me learning to cook, so cooking classes it is.
I registered myself at Gefton college Shepard’s Bush just evening cooking classes not a biggy it was close to work, made sense for me. I decided to stop off in Tesco express for a note pad as I forgot to steal some plane paper from my work printer. Yes I was planning to take paper why spend more money I’m already paying for these damn classes for this man. 99p isn’t really going to break the bank so Tesco note pad it is. “Next customer please” I hear the Asian cashier say, I move forward towards the till. “Anything else for you madam?”, I pause and reply “erm, yeah a little bottle of that Wray and Nephew  please”. Might need a little dutch courage before walking into this I’m not a people person if I get nervous might need to take the edge off. I make my purchase and head off to the college and pray for the best.
Heading through reception at Gefton college i felt a smile come across my face appear oh lord if these walls could talk, they would say i was nothing but a naughty girl in college. Back in the day i had no limits! I’d fuck who i wanted when i wanted, i had no boyfriend no commitments who cares I’m doing me. Young dumb and full of….. Well u no the rest.
I arrive at room 104 first of the main block, most of my dirt took place on the 5th floor, i laughed to myself however the laughter left my head when i walked in. I was the only person in the room, i was either real late or extremely early. Me being a black woman bet i was late. ” can i help you?” I heard from a deep voice behind me. Made me jump but i smiled when i turned around and notice those hazel eyes. For a second i got lost in those eyes. “Oh i must have the wrong room i was looking for the Bajan cooking classes”
“You’ve found the room but you’re a day early, beginners classes start tomorrow”. I thought how you know I’m a beginner bloody cheek i could be on Gordon Ramsey type level of cooking. Well i am in my eyes just not to my boyfriend when it comes to authentic Bajan cuisine. ” Oh I’m so sorry i rushed over here thinking it was today, i guess ill be back tomorrow” i said with a look of disappointment on my face.
“Rushed over? Did you come from far? “
“Yeah, all the way from Goldhawk road” i said then chuckled, whats wrong with a little harmless flirting, a girl needs a boost every now and then. “Im the cooking teacher my name is Jay, and you are?”
I did contemplate replying “im horny Jay nice to meet you” instead i extending my hand and said “nice to meet you Jay I’m Ebony”. Hand shake was strong i thought “Oh” strong hands. Wait a minute did i just forget for a second the reason I’m here, to learn how to cook for my man who i satisfy daily, sexually and everything but yet he wants more. I swear that man is never satisfied. It’s not bad enough he has match of the day on my sky + taking up space but he demands me to cook him cuisines he used to have as a child, you know those comfort foods. Again back to the task.
“Look Ebony i have just finished a class and if you are still interested i can allow you to taste my nibbles”
No way is this sexual being asking me to taste their  nipples, i see Jay reached over to a baking tray and i realise my mind is in the gutter again and did not hear correctly
“Sure, Id like to taste your nibbles” pun intended. I bit into this little nibble and began to feel all warm almost light headed, wow who knew food could be so exciting to the stomach. “Wow it’s amazing, what are the ingredients?”  I said as i licked my lips for the second time in two mintues. ” i can’t tell you that I’d have to show you, “No lessons are given by me just telling you, you have to get involved. You know we will always learn by doing”. By this point i had taken a seat on the opposite stool and had my legs crossed, i could feel my kitty tingling almost like a heart beat. Why on earth is my kitty jumping for this complete stranger, a stranger with the hazel eyes and if i keep looking things will happen.
I found myself fixated on Jays eyes i could not shy aware, i started to feel a little more confident like that food was laced with something. Been there before summer of 2011 Notting hill carnival when Benny spiked my rum punch! Fucking prick i could have killed him. However that was a good end to the bank holiday.
Before i could catch my thoughts i felt a hand run over mine, no way was Jay trying to make a move on me. “Shit” i said to myself what do i do, inform this stranger that i am a happily committed girlfriend or do i give in to temptation if not for a minute, just to live on the dark side.   I mean what harm would it do? No one is here who would find out and i damn sure weren’t going to tell a soul. I mean allowing someone i have just met to have me. This is crazy why the hell am i thinking this way but im a woman and i have needs. So i thought “fuck it” lets see where this goes.
I allowed Jay’s hand to caress mine and slowly reach up to my elbow, i looked into Jay’s eyes and could see the lust, damn those hazel eyes, i was a sucker for dreamy eyes. The caressing reached my shoulder and felt so soft Jay whispered so softly “your skin is so soft”
“Why thank you, its a little mix of Palmers coco butter and almond oil”. By this point Jay’s tongue was in my ear i closed my eyes and prayed the pussy juices inside would not come out so soon i wanted to enjoy every second, every second of this lustful endeavour. My pussy was purring i couldn’t help the exhale i let out, it felt like my insides were on fire my pussy beginning to throb again. I knew exactly where this was going to end up so i began to take charge so i placed my hand into my Michael Kors handbag for that mini Wray and Nephew unscrewed the top and took a sip. Not sure if dutch courage was needed at this point but it sure went down smooth and warmed me up even further. “Let me taste you baby” Oh shit i thought did that really just get said, this stranger wishes to taste me “Are you serious?” I had to ask because my pussy was roaring, singing verse and chorus to be kissed. ” Ermm Jay i dont know what you think but…”
“But nothing, Eboni i wanted you from when i saw you, you have looked into my eyes ever since you walked in here, you want this as much as i do. We are both adults here now hop up on the counter and let me taste my pussy”
“Your pussy?” Now i know you’re being bright and facety i thought to myself. But i was intrigued and that sip or run was corrupting my thoughts. Being i knew i was being assisted up onto the kitchen counter and my knees being spread. “Shit” i said to myself my pussy is throbbing i cant take this “just relaxing baby, let me ease your mind”. Jay pushed my shoulders towards the cold work top on i layed legs apart ready to be eaten. Jays slid my bravissimo matching thong set down to my ankles and began to kiss my inner thigh, while a finger tip gentle caressed my clit. The kisses became a little harder as Jay’s head came closer to my pussy, i was looking up to the ceiling when i felt Jays tongue introduced itself to my clit. I moaned “Oh baby”
Jays replied ” So I’m your baby now am i? I feel privileged””Baby dont loose focus, you lick this pussy and you lick it good”. Don’t ask me where that came from but i was feeling myself, talking dirty weren’t really me but that rum had my mind all cloudy. Jay kept the pace of tasting my pussy real slow, i had my legs spread as far as i could so Jay’s tongue could go all up inside me, i bit down on my bottom lips and i felt Jays tongue slide on it “ahh” i said as i felt that thick tongue enter me. My body was still until that tongue entered all i could do was hold the edges on the counter top so i wouldn’t lose my balance my pussy was ready to come i thought “no,no, not yet”.
At that moment Jay looked up at me licked one finger and went back in with extremely fast tongue acting whilst slowing caressing my butt. Now as a women Im not into all that anal stuff but to each their own but im not down for that. However as my back entrance was being rubbed gently i had a tongue flickering my inner walls, how am i meant to deny this sensation my body is feeling, how do i deny this perfect stranger with the hazel eyes to take me to ecstasy. I no longer needed encouragement as i felt a finger slide into my ars hole. That was it i was open Jay had crossed a line that i have never allowed anyone to cross before, not even my  boyfriend. It felt wrong so wrong that i began to move my hips, moved my hips in a circular motion as if i was into this.
Enjoying the sensational of anal fingering, i could feel myself becoming moist from my ars, i moved my hips again in motion while Jay inserted the finger further into me. “Oh god, oh god, oh god, baby no, ooohhhhh shit, oh god” i could not help the way my body was reacting to this new found high or could i say ecstasy I was being fingered anally and was enjoying the hell out of it. And then Jay stops to my surprise i was well into it i didn’t even feel the finger slip out.
“Baby sit on my face”
“Bloody hell you want it like that do you?”
“Yes, let me feel those juices run into my mouth”. I thought you aint gotta tell me twice as soon as i could feel my legs again i pushed Jay to the ground and did what i was told, sat down on those lips so Jay could feel my juices run down.  I thought i could hear someone walk passed but i didn’t care my pussy was about to be eaten, licked and sucked i don’t care if the whole of Shepard’s Bush saw this i need to be licked out, in out, in out. I crouched down slowly while i looked into those hazel eyes Jay laid there looking up at me licking those thick juicy vaseline covered LL Cool J kinda lips. I lifted my skirt as i got closer so all that was in front of Jay was my pussy, freshly waxed i may add, panting and ready to be kissed again, touched again. I felt the tip of the tongue meet my clit again i made sure i was in charge as i started bouncing my pussy against Jays lips while the tongue licked top to bottom over and over again. That warm feeling started to come back to my insides, feeling really warm while i rode Jays face. I thought i could handle this but Jay licking my pussy had my calling for god again at the top of my lungs, i felt like i was going to explode ” baby your pussy is so wet, give it to me, give me those juices, you taste sweet, like pineapple, sweestest nectar give me more baby please”. By now my legs were giving in, the sheer ecstasy was feeling dangerous i began to moan almost as if i could feel pain but it wasn’t.
“Baby stop, i cant, baby oohhh shit no, i need oohh shit baby, wait no, yes, oohh right there yes, don’t stop oh god wait no, i can’t go on any longer, lord please, oohh shit i gonna…..” And right there i had reached an ultimate high, my pussy juices had left me and were rolling down on Jays tongue. I felt guilt.
I sat on the floor beside Jay for all of 2 minutes before i realised this is wrong. I’ve cheated, allowed someone to bring me to a sexual high. The guilt sank in harder. I couldn’t look Jay in the face. “You want me to help clean you up? I know how you’re feeling right now”
“No you don’t” i yelled back ” i just cheated, i don’t even know you”
” look we both wanted that and why should we not give in to our body’s desires, to not allow the body to experience new things is the real act of cheating, never cheat yourself out of anything”
I felt wrong, wrong for what i have just embarked on but my pussy was satisfied and as i stood i felt the juices run down my leg. “Listen Jay i have a boyfriend who i love and this was just a moment of weakness, this will never happen again do you understand?”
“Baby listen i hear where you’re coming from, i have a boyfriend too”
By then i felt horror fill my heart, Jay had a boyfriend i was devastated. Jay packed up the left over nibbles and walked over to me and gave me a business card that had contact details on.
It read ” Jay Brown ” chef by day mother of two by night.
I watched her way away and wondered do i pick up this business card or walk away forever.
Cooking Classes by Asya
Author: Asya

Writing is my passion and it all began after a break up. Started putting pen to paper to express my feelings. Over the years my genre of writing has changed and I enjoy reading and writing about erotica. My writing consists of fiction and non fiction, but you will have to guess which is which.

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